Now = Save 10% off your order


Later = receive a credit worth 20%

of your order to use starting November 1st!

That's correct, you get both deals!

Special runs until the next month that we have an event.....

right now that is September??? maybe???

*excludes the special order of Venus for Men guide plates

*cost without shipping

SHOW ONLY SPECIALS are prices available only during the event in which you are in attendance. Check our Event Schedule for our appearances at shows across the country. Generally show specials will not be advertised outside of the event, so stop by our booth and see what event specials are happening.

DISCOUNTS are occasionally offered to our customers. If you receive a coupon or discount code from us, you must enter it in the "tracking code" field provided on your order form. Discounts will not be calculated by the shopping cart system and therefore will not be evident at check out. Credit Card authorization will be obtained on your non-discounted final total. We will review all "referral" codes and will adjust your final total accordingly. This adjustment will be made PRIOR to processing your credit card for payment. We will send you an eMail with the adjusted total upon review.

AUCTIONS are occasionally run on eBay or other like services to clear out overstocked or discontinued items. Due to our travel schedule and the discounted starting price of these items, we have very specific terms and very rarely deviate from them. They are as follows: 

• All items must be paid for within 3 days of the closing date.
• All Payments must be via PayPal or Credit Card.
• NO mailed payments will be accepted