• $109.99

    This has a black body and a red handle wrap. This has the feel of an Original Split Thumper in your hand & on impact. Customize it with laser engraving. See below for more details.

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    Enjoy all the the features of our Thumper ..... In a VEGAN freindly material!! A blue pleather body with black handle. The Split Thumper handle seperates at the handle to be used as a come-along. Just seperate the handle and you can wrap it around the back of someone's neck to pull them against you. It's a hot way to get your partner's attention at the...

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  • $9.99

    We all have the story that we went to grab our non-descript and/or black bag & it wasn't our bag. Stop the confusion with a Toy Bag Tag. They're also great for luggage. Have it engraved with what ever you desire. Variations of a name are the most common requests.

  • $69.99

    solid black leather on one side & padded red garment leather on the other side Customize it with laser engraving.

  • $14.99

    A leather bracelet laser engraved with the words, Small Penis. A 1/2 inch bracelet available in either 7 inch or 8 inch. Measure your wrist & round up to the next size. A 7.25 would fit an 8. Other words, letter styling, sizes, and colors may be available for custom order. Please contact us for more information.

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