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    Whether you are doing standing play or playing on the bed the Grip Cuff ™ is the way to go. For our cuffs we have taken the somewhat standard cuff design (a thinner strap on top of a wider pad) and have refined it, and improved upon it. *Item includes a pair.

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    Enjoy all the the features of our Thumper ..... In a VEGAN freindly material!! The Split Thumper handle seperates at the handle to be used as a come-along. Just seperate the handle and you can wrap it around the back of someone's neck to pull them against you. It's a hot way to get your partner's attention at the beginning of a scene.     

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    Spanking paddle with padding between you and the hard leather.

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    Leather leash with double-clip chain for multiple uses. Strong, secure, and versatile!

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