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  • $19.99

    Limited Run! Available in brown. Pictures and description will be updated when available. 14" Leather Bondage Loops, with chrome O-ring on one end and a heavy-duty metal snap on the other.

  • $89.99

    Coming Soon! Danny wears his trademark suspenders everyday. You'll be able to order your own set in the near future. To start they will only be produced in black, but we are looking into other color options.

    Online only
  • Danny has been making these for years, but they have never been on the website & rarely make it to shows. A spreader bar unique in its design only to LBD!

  • $39.99

    Danny has been making his bondage blocks for years, but they have never been available through the website. Available in a set of 2, they are perfect for saran wrap (our personal favorite), belt, or rope bondage.

    Online only
  • $9.99

    We all have the story that we went to grab our non-descript and/or black bag & it wasn't our bag. Stop the confusion with a Toy Bag Tag. They're also great for luggage. Have it engraved with what ever you desire. Variations of a name are the most common requests.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items