Laser Engraving

We can customize the majority of our products with our laser engraving services.

Engraving is available on each product page that has engraving available. 

If ordering an engraving on the body of an item, select the choice from the drop down and email for assistance with your design.

The most readily available customization is a word, name, or phrase engraved onto an item you have selected.

Split Thumper Engraving!

Toys with one handle Engraving! Round Spanking Paddle, Long or Short Paddle Strap, & Serpent's Kiss

If an item you would like to have customized does not have an option for engraving on its product page or you wish to do something more complex, please reach out to us as it may still be available for customization as a custom order.

Coming Soon!

examples of engravings