Venus for Men Guide Plate

Updated January 1, 2023

How to order:

Contact Danny directly via email at


call between the hours of 11am and 8pm Eastern Time

(USA 617.905.3745)


Does it work with other brand toys? (Tremblr, Serious Milker? etc?)

Good question.

I have been told by some people that they have made it work with those toys,  but I have not seen it or used it with those toys yet myself. The concept is the same, and should work, but it would depend on the size of the receivers. I have worked with the Venus 2000 (oops! excuse me, "The Venus for men!") for years, and that is what I *know* without question it will work with. (Feedback!! Please!!)

UPDATE: Several people have now told them it works with Tremblr. I have also been told it works with some of the new toys that “spin and go up and down” on the penis. I will try and do more research on that soon!

Information I need:

Address to be shipped to (so that I can figure out shipping costs) 

The  size of the receiver you plan to use with it.  If you plan to use multiple sizes,  let me know, and I can make one that fits most.  (2 inch and 2.5 inch diameter only)

Multiple sizes:  The Venus "receivers come in  THREE different diameters,    2", 2.5", and 3".  (the 3" is not used by very many people)  They come in many lengths.  I can pretty easily set up the Carriage that holds the Receiver to work with multiple lengths,  but the carriages work best with just one diameter.  You CAN go one size down, and still work...but it will have a little play in it. for example, most people who would like to use it with many people,   will order it with the 2.5" carriage.    It will fit the 2.5 receiver, perfectly... you can also use it with a 2" receiver,  BUT,  it will have a little room to move around a little bit.     You could also get a 3" carriage,   which will fit the 3" receiver [perfectly,  and the 2.5 the same room to move around.

I Think ABCO told me that something like only (or less then) 10% of people need the 3" receiver  ...  so the majority of people who want multiple people use,  go with just one 2.5" carriage... (to use with 2.5"  and 2"  Receivers) .    There are some people who request multiple Carriages from me,  which I can do, at $75 per additional receiver.

How long before shipping?  

Depends on a number of factors, including my show schedule, and how many parts I have on hand.  I try to make them in batches, so if i can, I  wait for two or three orders to come in so i can make them at once.  With that said, I can pretty much commit to shipping within 4 weeks. 

Note:  I do not charge/send you an invoice until your item is ready to ship! 

Note:  If you are in a rush, and are willing to pay a $100 "Danny, drop everything and get this to me ASAP" fee,  I can probably ship it in 7 to 10 days,  (if I am home, and not traveling)

Do I ship over seas?

Yes, but you are responsible for all import /tariffs etc...

How much is it?

Guide Plate (Basic)  My website lists it at $399.99, and says it is out of stock (will always be out of stock.. it is a custom order only)  the Guide Plate, including three nylon belts, and one carriage (the part the receiver attaches to).

Additional Carriages: $75.00 (each)


Storage/Travel box:  $95.00   (Cardboard box with custom cut foam to keep it safe.  Can hold the entire GP assembly,  including up to 3 Carriages.

Up grade to Leather Belts: $10 per foot    (this is a discount from what I sell them on my website)

Bondage belts on my website:

The travel/storage case for $185.99, (NOTE: The case depends on if i can get them in stock. They are hard for me to get right now.) 

Why is it so much?  Why take so long to ship?

Good question.  So, even though this product ties in nicely (pun intended) with my company's other products (Bondage and impact toys for BDSM),  this product is kind of a side line for me. each one is hand made by me,  and it is a project I have to fit into my schedule.  This is a toy that is part of my "Indulgence Line" of products.  By that, I mean that I "Indulge" myself, and work on projects that I find fun, and I charge what my time is worth.   YOU can "Indulge" yourself, by paying for a premium product.  (or show someone how much you care, by gifting them one!

Can I see it in use? try it out?

I try to bring it to the shows I go to.  If it is a show I fly to, I will probably only have the guide plate itself with me.  If I drive to the show, I will probably have my venus with me as well.

This is a link to a video of the most current version:   (this is  a PG clip) 

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel!! I am close to the number views/subscribers to get them to pay me!!  (It might even add up to $2 a month!!!   ;) 

 Here are some links to videos of a slightly earlier version in action!  (If you have other links,  please send them to me!!  (These are NOT PG clips,  NSFW (NOT safe for workplace!)

These are all from a clips4sale producer (Brat Princess 2), who do bondage/femdom stuff.  The links are to the previews of the clips.  The previews show the guide plate in use, so you do not HAVE to buy the clips...   but if you are into this sorta stuff, I highly encourage you to buy them!!!

Please note:  These  clips show several earlier versions of my Guide Plate. The concept is the same as the current version, with improvements to the "limiter" (prevents pop-off),  and some sound dampening.