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Leather by Danny

Grip Cuffs

Grip Cuffs

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Cuff Lining

Whether you are doing standing play or playing on the bed the Grip Cuff ™ is the way to go.

So, why choose Grip Cuffs over regular cuffs?

With two attachment points on the cuffs for the grip and chain there is even pull on the wrist allowing the bottom to let go of the grip and pull on the cuff without twisting the wrist.

The Grip Cuff™ design gives the bottom the room to stretch the hand and something to grip.

As many of you have probably experienced, as a scene progresses the bottom sometimes pulls on the cuffs, this often causes the hands to become numb and the cuffs have to be removed and adjusted before the scene can safely and comfortably continue. This is not the case with the LBD Grip Cuff™, when numbness starts the bottom only needs to reach up and squeeze the grip a few times; this relieves pressure on the wrist and restores circulation. There is no need to stop that hot scene and you can play longer.

Danny originally designed the Grip Cuffs™ in 1990. Although copies of the Grip Cuff™ are now on the market upon comparison you will find that no other imitations come close to the quality of the original LBD Grip Cuff™.

Grip-Cuffs™ are made of top-grade leather, chrome chain, and are lined with soft leather. Grip-Cuffs™ are both sewn and riveted for strength and durability. Our unique design provides a solid, padded grip for comfort while evenly distributing stress on wrist bones and tendons.

Grip Cuffs™ have removable chains, so the cuffs may be worn separately. Grip Cuffs™ are attached with the grip set at a height that is comfortable for most people. Grip Cuffs™ are ideal for those who play with multiple bottoms as they can be adjusted to accommodate those with different sized hands and reaches.

NOTE: LBD Grip Cuffs™, while strong enough to withstand a person's full body weight, are not designed for full suspension.

Note: Because we hand airbrush all of our colored straps dye lots may differ. For this reason we recommend that if you want to own matching sets of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, gripcuffsTM, collars, or back binders you purchase them at the same time. We offer special pricing for bondage sets.

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