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Leather by Danny

Blindfold - All Colors

Blindfold - All Colors

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Quality leather blindfold with a durable foam liner and elastic straps with a velcro closure. Comfortable, with eye holes cut out to allow a person to open their eyes while wearing it, great for contact lens wearers or those wearing eye makeup.

You can open your eyes while wearing it!

The LBD Blindfold is made of quality leather with a durable foam liner that provides a comfortable cushion against the face. The foam has eye holes cut out that allow a person to open the eyes while wearing the blindfold. The eye holes prevent eye makeup from smudging and for those who wear contacts there is no uncomfortable pressure on the eyes.

The blindfold has four straps with velcro closures. The straps can be criss-crossed behind the head or can be attached with bottom straps together and top straps together. With velcro closures on the straps there is none of the pulling or catching of the hair which often happens in blindfolds that buckle or tie behind the head.

Our Blindfold is now available in colors to match your all the rest of your Leather By Danny bondage gear. Pick from traditional Black, go for a splash of color (Red, Purple, Red 2 Tone, or Purple 2 Tone).

Replacement Foam now available!

Do you use your blindfold a lot? Noticing some wear-and-tear on the foam? Well, now you can replace the foam in your blindfold at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole blindfold. Replacement foam is only $10.00. Just remove your old foam and use a few beads of hot melt glue or some ordinary household glue like Goop™ on the new foam. Apply a little pressure to allow the foam to adhere to the blindfold, and you are ready to go!

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