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Leather by Danny

LBD Premium Drop Collar

LBD Premium Drop Collar

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A style that highlights the "O" of a drop color more than our basic drop collar.

Don't forget the lock!

See below for more details & measuring instructions.

The LBD Drop collar is a more formal or "dress" style of collar,  which drops down on the front of the neck, onto the chest. 

It is constructed of garment leather that is folded and stitched, and it has a locking post in the back, which you can lock with a small lock.

Determine your collar size by measuring your neck circumference. If your neck circumference is between sizes, we recommend rounding up to the next number in inches.

Add 2 inches for a higher fit that rests slightly below your neck. Add 4 inches for a looser fit that will drop down further and rest lower on your neck itself. 

Example: a measurement of 15.5 inches is rounded to 16 inches. They can wear anywhere from a 18 inch to a 20inch collar depending on the desired look and feel.

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