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Leather by Danny

Shoe Gag

Shoe Gag

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We provide the strap, you provide the sexy shoe! 

A split leather strap that buckles around the head, holding a shoe in place in or over the bottom's mouth. Adjustable for a variety of shoes and bottoms.

Our LBD Shoe Gag is great for the Femme Dom, foot or shoe fetishist, or that bratty bottom that keeps putting a foot in their mouth.

The Shoe Gag attaches to a variety of shoes. The Shoe Gag can be used with the tip of the shoe in the mouth (depending on the shoe style--easier with high heels) or with the face in the shoe itself.

The Shoe Gag uses a strap that is split providing a means to attach the shoe and a means to buckle it around the head. The strap is adjustable for a variety of shoes and bottoms. Like all LBD equipment the LBD Shoe Gag is made of high quality leather and top grade hardware. The straps of the gag are made of rolled over and stiched leather strapping for a finished and elegant look. The numerous eyeleted holes on the strap make it extremely adjustable--no more "too tight" or "too loose" gags for your bottom.

NOTE:  Shoe is NOT incuded!

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