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Leather by Danny

Red Two-Tone Split Thumper

Red Two-Tone Split Thumper

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Hand-dyed in Red Two-Tone!

Enjoy all the the features of our Thumper with a little more....

The Split Thumper handle seperates at the handle to be used as a come-along. Just separate the handle and you can wrap it around the back of someone's neck to pull them against you. It's a hot way to get your partner's attention at the beginning of a scene.

Customize it with laser engraving.

The Split Thumper is made of padded garment leather that has been rolled over and stitched. This toy is designed to give more thud than sting.

The padded black leather strap is about 2 1/4" in width and about 11" in length. The padding is about a 1/2" thick for a nice thuddy sound and sensation. The handles are available in traditional black, with a colored leather wrap or a colored airbrushed over-strap. On the inside of the handles there are two strong magnets that hold the handles together when being used as a striking toy but can be separated to be used as a come-along and more.

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