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Leather by Danny

Wrist Cuffs - Narrow

Wrist Cuffs - Narrow

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Cuff Lining

LBD Wrist Cuffs are made with high-quality leather pads and strong straps that buckle securely. A D-ring in the middle of the cuff provides an attachment point for rope, straps, clips, or hardware.

Our Wrist Cuffs are available in two styles, the standard 1-inch wrist cuffs and the narrower 3/4- inch wrist cuffs. In our experience, the choice is purely a matter of aesthetics. Our 1-inch wrist cuffs are the more common size used in play, but some like the way the narrower cuffs look on persons with more slender arms.

Both styles of Wrist Cuffs fit the same size wrists. The 1-inch wrist cuffs have a 1-inch wide strap over a 2 1/4-inch wide pad, while the 3/4-inch wrist cuffs have a 3/4-inch wide strap over a 1 3/4-inch pad.  Wrist Cuffs are available with longer pads as a custom order (the standard pad length is 10 inches for both cuff widths)--Please contact us directly to discuss custom lengths and pricing.

NOTE: Because we hand airbrush all of our colored straps, dye lots may differ. For this reason, we recommend that if you want matching sets of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, grip cuffs, collars, or back binders, you purchase them at the same time.

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